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Air Quality

ICO Congregations and Air Quality

Operations at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and the adjacent oil refineries, and the attendant truck traffic on I-710 and surrounding streets, truckresult in the air quality in Long Beach, especially on the city's west side, being among the region's poorest. Residents in these areas experience increased respiratory problems and higher rates of cancer than the region's norm. ICO congregations quickly identified addressing these air quality concerns as a high priority moving forward.

The statistics are sobering:


ICO congregations have worked in partnership with community leaders and environmental organizations to mobilize west Long Beach residents to demand greater accountability from port and refinery operators. Specifically, they have:

The fence line monitoring and air filtration efforts at local schools are an important first step, and ICO congregations continue to engage with local officials to explore ways to "clean" port operations and reduce the amount of harmful pollutants being spewed into the air.


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