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Housing & Homelessness

ICO Congregations and Housing & Homelessness

ICO's involvement in issues of housing and homelessness began, as all our issue work begins, through a series of one-to-one's and research visits undertaken by ICO leaders from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach (UULB), a founding ICO congregation. In 2002, UULB leaders began a series of visits motivated by concerns about the growing homeless population in downtown Long Beach. Those visits led to a determination that what was needed was a permanent year-round shelter that would provide transitional housing while helping move residents from homelessness to permanent housing.

For the next three years, the UULB ICO Local Organizing Committee convened partnerships with other Long Beach homeless advocates, gave presentations at other churches, testified at numerous City Council meetings, and raised $71,000 for its Homeless Shelter Startup Fund when the denomination's national General Assembly came to Long Beach in June 2004.

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On Thanksgiving Day, 2005, the Project Achieve Homeless Shelter opened, serving 59 clients at a time every 90 days. On February 9, 2006, ICO was recognized by the shelter's operator, the Institute for Urban Research & Development, for its organizing work and financial support to bring the shelter to Long Beach.

ICO's work on housing and homeless did not stop with the opening of the shelter. ICO has taken a leadership role on other initiatives designed to address the housing affordability crisis facing the city's low-income families, including:


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